Object-Oriented Database Management Systems

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This page is intended to point to as much of the OODBMS-related material to be found out there as possible. You are encouraged to let me (clamen+www@cs.cmu.edu) know about the many things I have missed. Emphasis will be on items that can be accessed in an electronic form. (Such sources are highlighted with icons below.)

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Malcolm P. Atkinson and O. Peter Buneman. Types and Persistence in Database Programming Languages. ACM Computing Surveys, 19(2):105--190, June 1987.

Clamen, S. M. Persistent Programming Languages - A Survey. Technical Report, #CMU-CS-91-155, Carnegie Mellon University -- School of Computer Science, Pittsburgh, USA, May 1991.
Complete paper in PostScript

Focuses on development of language systems that incorporate a notion of data persistence. Includes extensive annotated bibliographies.


M. Atkinson, F. Bancilhon, D. DeWitt, K. Dittrich, D. Maier, and S. Zdonik. The Object-Oriented Database System Manifesto. In Proceedings of the First International Conference on Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases, pages 223-40, Kyoto, Japan, December 1989. Also appears in [Bancilhon92].
Complete paper in Postscript
Complete paper in ASCII
Complete paper in HTML

The Committee for Advanced DBMS Function. Third Generation Database System Manifesto. In Computer Standards and Interfaces 13 (1991), pages 41-54. North Holland. Also appears in SIGMOD Record 19:3 Sept, 1990.
Complete paper, in Postscript format, GZIP-compressed

A "counter-manifesto" to the above

David Maier. Comments on the "Third Generation Database System Manifesto". OGI Technical Report CS/E 91-012.
Complete paper in Portscript

Hugh Darwen and C.J. Date. The Third Manifesto. SIGMOD RECORD 24(1):39-49, March 1995.

We present a manifesto for the future direction of data and database management systems. The manifesto consists of a series of prescriptions, proscriptions, and "very strong suggestions."

The introduction to the paper, I believe, says it all:
This is a manifesto regarding the future of data and database management systems. It is indented to follow and, we hope, supersede two previous manifestos [3GM91,Atkinson89] - hence our choice of title. Reference [Atkinson89], in spurning the Relational Model of Data, ignores its importance and significance and also, we think, fails to give firm direction. Reference [3GM91], while correctly espousing the Relational Model, fails to mention and emphasize the hopelessness of continuing to follow a commonly accepted perversion of that model, namely SQL, in fond pursuit of the Relational Model's ideals. By contrast, we feel strongly that any attempt to move forward, if it is to stand the test of time, must reject SQL unequivocally. However, we do pay some attention to the question of what to do about today's SQL legacy.
Complete paper in Portscript

What OODB Systems are Available?

A series of messages containing addresses and general overviews of various OODBMS. (informal and somewhat dated)

What Good Books on OODBMS are Available?

F. Bancilhon, C. Delobel, and P. Kanellakis. (eds.) Building an Object-Oriented Database System: The Story of O2. Morgan Kaufmann, 1992.

Won Kim. Introduction to Object-Oriented Databases. Computer Systems. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 1990.

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