Clamen's Pittsburgh Onion Soup Database

Herein you will find some (fairly old) reviews about the French Onion Soup served in various restaurants in the Greater Pittsburgh Metropolitain area.

Jimmy G's
Seems to be missing something -- sippy [09-Dec-1994]
Much better this time -- sippy [03-Feb-1996]

Mardi Gras [01-Feb-1996]
Somewhat salty, but pretty good cheese

Sheraton Station Square [09-Dec-1995]
stock was on the weak side

Damon's - The Place for Ribs [01-Dec-1995]
acceptable, considering the location

Vie de France [29-Mar-1995]
salty, but very plentiful

Union Grill [30-Jun-1994]
Stock was a bit weak, but acceptable in general

Stock was alright, but the bread and cheese were soggy
Not a terribly favourable experience [14-Dec-1993]
Not bad -- sippy [06-Mar-1995]

City Grill [01-Jul-1993 and 17-Mar-1994]
SOUP OF THE DAY (not on regular menu)
bread did not cover entire top
am not sure soup as baked
not in authentic French Onion Soup bowl
not very hot
uninteresting cheese
not terrible though

Ale House [date unknown]
Not enough onion, and soup tasted like it was "from a can"

Regent Square [date unknown]
acceptable, although with croutons and provolone

Aussie's [date unknown]
cheese, bread are alright. Soup is mediocre, and strong

Gullifty's [date unknown]
Tasted like phlegm -- asp (with a cold)

Balcony [date unknown]
was pretty good, but not hot enough

Pittsburgh Steak Company [21-Apr-91]
good cheese, but soup stock has stange taste

Blue Lou's [19-Apr-91]
Too much onion, but acceptable

Max & Erma's [14-Mar-91]
Won't order it again -- asp
Mediocre -- clamen
Cheese too thick -- lgrosz

Houlihan's [01-Mar-91]
Best in Pittsburgh (5/10) -- asp
Adequate (4/10) -- clamen (Last updated: 01Feb96)