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An Architecture for Sensor Fusion in a Mobile Robot
Steven A. Shacer, Anthony Stentz, Charles E. Thorpe
April 1986
27 pages

CMU-RI-TR-86-12 (scanned)
Kinematic Modeling of Wheeled Mobile Robots
Patrick F. Muir, Charles P. Neuman
June 1986
135 pages

1986 Year End Report for Road Following at Carnegie Mellon
Charles Thorpe, Takeo Kanade
May 1987
66 pages

Optimal Design of Robotic Manipulator Trajectories: A Nonlinear Programming Approach
Mark L. Nagurka, Vincent Yen
April 1987
27 pages

Implementation and Performance of a Complex Vision System on a Systolic Array Machine
Ed Clune, Jill D. Crisman, Gudrun J. Klinker, Jon A. Webb
June 1987
23 pages

Low-Level Vision on Warp and the Apply Programming Model
Leonard G.C. Hamey, Jon A. Webb, I-Chen Wu
July 1987
20 pages

The Warp Computer: Architecture, Implementation, and Performance
Marco Annaratone, Emmanuel Arnould, Thomas Gross, H.T. Kung, Monica Lam, Onat Menzilcioglu, Jon A. Webb
July 1987
30 pages

Object Recognition on a Systolic Array
Claire M. Bono, Jon A. Webb
September 1987
20 pages

CMU-RI-TR-87-24 [please notice, this is a manuscript file]
NAVLAB: An Autonomous Navigation Testbed
Kevin Dowling, Robert Guzikowski, Jim Ladd, Henning Pangels, Jeff Singh, William Whittaker
November 1987
44 pages
[photographs unavailable]

1987 Year End Report for Road Following at Carnegie Mellon
Charles Thorpe, Takeo Kanade
August 1988
138 pages

The Driving Pipeline: A Driving Control Scheme for Mobile Robots
Yoshimasa Goto, Steven A. Shafer, Anthony Stentz
June 1988
25 pages

CMU-RI-TR-88-12 (scanned)
3-D Vision Techniques for Autonomous Vehicles
Martial Nebert, Takeo Kanade, In So Kweon
August 1988
69 pages

A Case Study in Robot Exploration
Long-Ji Lin, Tom M. Mitchell, Andrew Phillips, Reid Simmons
January 1989
16 pages

A Sampled-Grating Model of Moire Patterns from Digital Imaging
John Krumm, Steven A. Shafer
July 1989
35 pages

Development of an Integrated Mobile Robot System at Carnegie Mellon
University: June 1988 Annual Report
Steve Shafer, William Whittaker
July 1989
58 pages

Exerpeince with a Task Control Architecture for Mobile Robots
Long-Ji Lin, Reid Simmons, Christopher Fedor
December 1989
22 pages

Color Image Processing for Navigation: Two Road Trackers
D. Aubert, Charles Thorpe
April 1990
20 pages

Local Spatial Frequency Analysis for Computer Vision
John Krumm, Steven A. Shafer
May 1990
50 pages

Development of an Integrated Mobile Robot System at Carnegie Mellon University: December 1989 Final Report
Steve Shafer, William Whittaker
January 1990
106 pages

Integrated System for SIngle Leg Walking
Reid Simmons, Eric Krotkov, Gerry Roston
July 1990
56 pages

Concurrent Planning and Execution for a Walking Robot
Reid Simmons
July 1990
18 pages

CMU-RI-TR-90-18 (compressed)
3-D Object Pose Determination
Sing Bing Kang and Katsushi Ikeuchi
October 1990

First Year End Report for Perception for Outdoor Navigation
Charles Thorpe, Takeo Kanade
November 1990
102 pages

Real-Time Vision for Robot Swat Juggling
Sanjiv Singh
December 1990 (Revised August 1991)
28 pages

CMU-RI-TR-90-30 (scanned)
Laser Rangefinder Calibration for a Walking Robot
Eric Krotkov
December 1990
35 pages

Path Generation for Robot Vehicles Using Composite Clothoid Segments
Dong Hun Shin, Sanjiv Singh
December 1990
43 pages

CMU-RI-TR-91-1 (scanned)
Experimental Characterization of the Perceptron Laser Rangefinder
In So Kweon, Regis Hoffman, Eric Krotkov
January 1991
51 pages

Cyclone: A Laser Scanner for Mobile Robot Navigation
Sanjiv Singh, Jay West
September 1991
28 pages

CMU-RI-TR-91-24 (compressed)
A Framework for Recognizing Grasps
Sing Bing Kang and Katsushi Ikeuchi
November 1991

CMU-RI-TR-91-26 (scanned)
Dynamic Lens Compensation for Active Color Imaging and Constant Magnification Focusing
Reg G. Willson, Steven A. Shafer
November 1991
51 pages

Second Annual Report for Perception for Outdoor Navigation
Charles Thorpe, Takeo Kanade
December 1991
96 pages

Some Approaches to Finding Birds in Video Imagery
Paul E. Allen, Charles E. Thorpe
December 1991
17 pages

CMU-RI-TR-92-13 (compressed)
RACCOON: A Real-time Autonomous Car Chaser Operating Optimally at Night
Rahul Sukthankar
October 1992
17 pages

Third Annual Report for Perception for Outdoor Navigation
Chuck Thorpe, Takeo Kanade
September 1992
75 pages

CMU-RI-TR-93-03 (compressed) [photographs unavailable]
The Terregator Mobile Robot
Lee Champeny-Bares, Syd Coppersmith, Kevin Dowling
Field Robotics Center
May 1991
45 pages

Depth from Focusing and Defocusing
Yalin Xiong, Steve Shafer

Panacea: An Active Sensor Controller for the ALVINN Autonomous Driving System
Rahul Sukthankar, Dean Pomerleau, Chuck Thorpe
April 1993
12 pages

Massively Parallel, Adaptive, Color Image Processing for Autonomous Road Following
Todd Jochem, Shumeet Baluja
May 1993
28 pages

CMU-RI-TR-93-13 (compressed)
Finding Stable Orientations of Assemblies with Linear Programming
D. Baraff, R. Mattikalli, B. Repetto, P. Khosla

CMU-RI-TR-93-15 (compressed)
Impending Motion Direction of Contacting Rigid Bodies
D. Baraff, R. Mattikalli

CMU-RI-TR-93-24 (compressed)
Real-time 3-D Pose Estimation Using a High-Speed Range Sensor
David Simon, Martial Hebert, Takeo Kanade
November 1993
18 pages

The Determination of Surface Roughness from Reflected Step Edges
Ronald A. Stone, Steven A. Shafer
November 1993
43 pages

CMU-RI-TR-93-28 (compressed)
The Resolvability Ellipsoid for Sensor Based Manipulation
Brad Nelson and Pradeep K. Khosla
October 1993
29 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-03 (compressed)
Modeling and Calibration of Automated Zoom Lenses
Reg G. Willson
Ph.D. Thesis
January 1994
190 pages
[The full postscript file for this thesis is about 32 meg, of which 18 meg are relatively less important figures in appendix B showing examples of chromatic aberration in various lenses. In this abridged version Figures B.5 through B.46 have been omitted (they appear as blank). The resulting postscript file is only 14.6 meg long. Compressed it comes to 4.1 meg. The scanned image version is complete.]

Variable Window Gabor Filters and Their Use in Focus and Correspondence
Yalin Xiong, Steve Shafer
Marcy 1994
27 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-07 (scanned)
A Complete Navigation System for Goal Acquisition in Unknown Environments
April 1994
39 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-08 (compressed)
Minimal Fixturing of Frictionless Assemblies: Complexity and Algorithms
D. Baraff, R. Mattikalli, P. Khosla

CMU-RI-TR-94-12 (compressed)
Robust Control of Underactuated Manipulators: Analysis and Implementation
Marcel Bergerman, Yangsheng Xu
May 1994
27 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-13 (compressed)
Actuability of Underactuated Manipulators
Christopher Lee, Yangsheng Xu
June 1994
25 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-14 (compressed)
Essential Kinematics for Autonomous Vehicles
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994

CMU-RI-TR-94-15 (compressed)
Modern Inertial and Satellite Navigation
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994

CMU-RI-TR-94-16 (compressed)
A Partial Analysis of the High Speed Autonomous Navigation
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994

CMU-RI-TR-94-17 (compressed)
A Feedforward Control Approach to the Local Navigation Problem for
Autonomous Vehicles
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994
49 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-18 (compressed)
Adaptive Perception for Autonomous Vehicles
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994
30 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-19 (compressed)
A 3D Space Formulation of a Navigation Kalman Filter for Autonomous Vehicles
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994
95 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-20 (compressed)
An Intelligent Predictive Controller for Autonomous Vehicles
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994
57 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-21 (compressed)
Concept Design of a Scanning Laser Rangefinder for Autonomous Vehicles
Alonzo Kelly
May 1994
62 pages

Collective Problem Solving through Coordination in a Society of Reactive Agents
JyiShane Liu
June 1994
34 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-24 (compressed)
Geometric Sensing of Known Planar Shapes
Yan-Bin Jia, Michael Erdmann
July 1994
50 pages

CMU-RI-TR-94-25 (compressed)
Dynamic Coupling of Underactuated Manipulators
Marcel Bergerman, Yangsheng Xu
August 1994
34 pages

Moment and Hypergeometric Filters for High Precision Computation of Focus, Stereo, and Optical Flow
Yalin Xiong, Steven Shafer

Multi-Agent Perception for Human/Robot Interaction: A Framework for
Intuitive Trajectory Modification
Richard M. Voyles, Jr., Pradeep K. Khosla

Truncated Gaussians as Tolerance Sets
Fabio Cozman and Eric Krotkov
September 94
45 pages

Partitioning Contact-State Space using the Theoy of Polyhedral Convex Cones
George V. Paul, Katsushi Ikeuchi
August 1994
46 pages

Using Virtual Active Vision Tools to Improve Autonomous Driving Tasks
Todd M. Jochem
October 1994
23 pages

A Genetic Methodology for Configuration Design
Gerry Roston
Ph.D. Thesis (Mechanical Engineering)
December 1994
170 pages

ELVIS: Eigenvectors for Land Vehicle Image System
John Hancock...

CMU-RI-TR-95-01 (scanned)
Refinement of Seafloor Elevation Using Acoustic Backscatter
Andrew E. Johnson, Martial Hebert
March 1995
38 pages

Flexible Coordination in Resource-Constrained Domains
Stephen F. Smith, Katia P. Sycara
December 1993
36 pages

Applying Constraint Satisfaction Techniques to Job Shop Scheduling
Cheng-Chung Cheng, Stephen F. Smith
January 1995
46 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-05 (unavailable via ftp; scanned)
Towards Human Control Strategy Learning: Neural Network Approach with
Variable Activation Functions
Michael C. Nechyba, Yangsheng Xu
March 1995
50 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-06 (scanned)
Neural Networks for Real-Time Terrain Typing
Ian Lane Davis
January 1995
18 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-08 (scanned, unavailable via ftp)
Resolution Independent Grid-based Path Planning
Gita Krishnaswamy, Anthony Stentz
April 1995
30 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-09 (unavailable via ftp)
Towards Human Control Strategy Learning: Neural Network Approach with
Variable Activation Functions
Michael C. Nechyba, Yangsheng Xu

CMU-RI-TR-95-10 (scanned)
Dense Structure From A Dense Optical Flow Sequence
Yalin Xiong, Steve A. Shafer
April 1995
41 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-11 (scanned)
Force and Vision Resolvability for Assimilating Disparate Sensory Feedback
Bradley J. Nelson, Pradeep K. Khosla
February 1995
48 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-12 (scanned)
PORK Object System Programmers' Guide
Ora Lassila
April 1995
67 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-13 (scanned)
Using Case-Based Reasoning as a Reinforcement Learning Framework for Optimization with Changing Criteria
Dajun Zeng, Katia Sycara
March 1995
19 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-14 (scanned)
Cooperative Intelligent Software Agents
Dajun Zeng, Katia Sycara
March 1995
16 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-15 (scanned)
BOA: Asbestos Pipe-Insulation Removal Robot System
Hagen Schempf
January 1995
62 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-16 (scanned)
Experimental Study of an Underactuated Manipulator
Marcel Bergerman, C. Lee, Y Xu
April 1995
28 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-21 (scanned)
Initial Results in Vision Based Road and Intersection Detection and Traversal
Todd M. Jochem
April 1995
32 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-24 (scanned)
Design of a Day/Night Lunar Rover
The Mobile Robot Design Class of Spring 1995: Peter Berkelman, Mei Chen, Jesse Easudes, John Hancock, Martin C. Martin, Andrew B. Mor, Eric Rollins, Alex Sharf, Jack Silberman, Tom Warren, Deepak Bapna
June 1995
136 pages

CMU-RI-TR-95-39 [Updated version of CMU-RI-TR-91-23]
Variable and Value Ordering Heuristics for the Job Shop Scheduling Constraint Satisfaction Problem
Norman M. Sadeh, Mark S. Fox
November 1995

CMU-RI-TR-95-44 (Electronic format only, hard copies unavailable)
Linear-Time Dynamics using Lagrange Multipliers
David Baraff
January 1996
[SIGGRAPH version available: /]

Valdimir Brajovic
January 1996

An Exploratory Prototype for Air Medical Evacuation Re-Planning
Ora Lassila, Marcel Becker, Stephen F. Smith
February 1996
55 pages

An Integrated Process-Planning/Production-Scheduling Shell for Agile Manufacturing
Norman M. Sadeh, David W. Hildum, Thomas J. Laliberty, Stephen F. Smith, John McA'Nulty and Dag Kjenstad

OZONE Distributed Communication Library
Ora Lassila, Marcel Becker
March 1996
37 pages

Robot Spatial Perception by Stereoscopic Vision and 3D Evidence Grids
Hans P. Moravec
September 1996

Accelerating the Diffusion of Production Management Innovations Among Small to Midsized Enterprises Via Electronic Marketing
Donald W. Kosy
December 1996
78 pages

Design and Evaluation of 3-D Pre-operative Planning Software: Application to Acetabular Implant Alignment
Mike Blackwell, David Simon, Sumitha Rao, Anthony DiGioia
December 1996
12 pages

Range of Motion After Total Hip Arthroplasty: Experimental Verification of the Analytical Simulator
Branislav Jaramaz, Constantinos Nikou, David Simon, Anthony DiGioia III
February 1997
12 pages

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