Clamen's Papers

Here are pointers to papers and resources related to my dissertation project. A list of my other publications is available as well.

By Stewart M. Clamen

Evolution Summary
Results of a survey/summary I conducted of evolution support in variously available OO and related DBMS.
Version 3.3 (02Aug94)

Type Evolution in the Presence of Persistent Instances
PhD Thesis.
To appear soon (we all hope).

Schema Evolution and Integration (abstract)
Appeared in Distributed and Parallel Databases, 2(1):101-126, January 1994.

Type Evolution and Instance Adaptation (abstract)
[Postscript, Double-sided, TeX fonts]
The printed, distributed copy of this TR was missing part of the References section, so I am making it available here.

Persistent Programming Languages - A Survey (abstract)
[Postscript, Double-sided, TeX fonts]

Other Papers

OODB System Manifesto by Atkinson et. al.

Summaries and Surveys

A series of messages containing addresses and general overviews of various OODBMS. (informal)

In Progress! Object-Oriented Database Management Systems: A truncated history
A beginning stab at providing an historical context of the development of OODBMS (Last update: 22Feb99)